Odin Fragrance

$ 30.00

"I keep thinking about it..."

Glowing wood tones with earthy and rich scents of cumin, cistus, and tobacco, laced through with sweetness and spice. Everyone who's tried our new Odin fragrance agrees: it's unforgettable.

Burton & Levy partnered with Detroit scent studio Sfumato Fragrances to create this remarkable unisex scent. Formulated with the finest natural essences available, Odin will become your favorite daily scent.

Odin fragrance is available in an 8mL glass bottle with atomizer, enough for several months of regular use. Each bottle comes in a beautiful box closed with a wax seal.

Shipping via ground to contiguous United States only. Note: If your order contains other Burton & Levy products, the Odin fragrance will ship separately.

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