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About Burton & Levy

Botanical Personal Care + Handmade Combs

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Our combs are cut from stainless steel and brass and finished by hand by our team near Detroit, Michigan. 

Our History

In 2014, Brandon Crall decided to grow his beard longer, but couldn't find beard products that met his high expectations. He has very sensitive skin that's also prone to redness, irritation, and acne. He tried many brands, but nothing seemed to calm his skin or be as effective as he had hoped. Instead of giving up, Brandon decided to make the products for himself. He first made a beard oil blend and a beard balm using only natural and organic ingredients, and like magic, his skin had no negative reaction! Brandon decided that if he had been in this situation there were surely others, so he decided to share his creations with the world. He and his partner, Adam Smock, decided to launch their first product line as a brand called Bear Care Products, which focused primarily on men's beard grooming.

In 2015, they opened a retail location inside the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale, Michigan selling their newly developed beard and body care products. Soon after, they added Burton & Levy beard and mustache combs which were hand-made by their friend Jason Burton.

After 2 years, Jason decided it was time to move on, so Brandon and Adam purchased Burton & Levy from Jason and began producing the combs themselves. In 2017, Bear Care Products officially became Burton & Levy. 

Although Burton & Levy has always focused on natural and organic ingredients, in 2020, Brandon & Adam decided to reformulate and expand our personal care line to include botanical ingredients and focus on environmental sustainability.  



Today, Brandon and Adam continue to produce natural and organic personal care products along side our partners at a FDA registered manufacturing facility. The heirloom-quality handmade steel and brass combs originally designed by Jason Burton, and are produced by Brandon and Adam. 

The combs themselves are made with a process that brings together traditional and contemporary craftwork. First designed by hand, the designs were re-drafted on a computer, and then cut using state of the art machining processes, including precision cutting by laser and water jet. Every comb is finished and packaged by hand, combining metal, leather, and luxury woods into a unique, beautiful, and strong product that will last for generations.


Source Materials

Burton & Levy is dedicated to environmentally friendly and, whenever possible, locally sourced processes and materials. Everything we use for comb production is sourced as close to Detroit as possible and we are committed to producing everything with only the finest ingredients and materials and with goods made in the USA.

All personal care product ingredients are sourced from the highest quality USA suppliers available. Burton & Levy uses organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible, and does everything possible to ensure the originating source of personal care ingredients, such as butters, oils, and mica are sourced ethically and responsibly. 


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