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Shipping and Returns

Standard Shipping
Your comb is made in a small-scale studio environment. Though we aim for a 2 day turnaround until shipping, products may ship up to 5 business days after ordering. If you ever have questions or concerns, please contact us!

Orders are delivered USPS Priority, and should arrive in 3 business days or sooner for US addresses.

Rush Shipping
We offer Priority Mail Express shipping for all items, which you can choose at checkout. If you also need rush processing for your shipment, send us an email and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Due to the personal nature of their use, all comb sales are final. We're meticulous about the quality of our products. Should you find any material or manufacturing defects in your comb, we will happily exchange right away.

 Burton and Levy stainless steel and brass beard and mustache combs for men of all ages


How We Make Our Products

Jason designs and prototypes all of his combs in fine materials like stainless steel and brass, making a dozen models or more before arriving at the best combination of looks, function, and finish. For steel laser cutting, silk screening, and other specialized industrial production methods, Jason works exclusively with U.S. companies, favoring small, Detroit-based businesses whenever possible. He finishes, inspects, and packages every item we carry - you can be sure you're getting the best of material and craftsmanship!

Choosing the Perfect Comb

Our graphic guide to choosing the perfect comb will help you match the right comb to your whiskers!

Some rules of thumb:

  • Larger combs like the Irving and the Papa David and the Irving are great for all kinds of whiskers
  • Smaller combs the Andrew Ryan, the Berel, the Doyle - are just right for goatees and mustaches. They also fit in a breast pocket and are perfect for touching up bigger beards throughout the day.
  • The Aaron Gregory hair comb is great for hairstyles as well as whiskers. It makes a great travel comb.


Comb Care

Durable and easy to clean, our metal combs are in it for the long haul! Follow these tips to make sure your comb looks better and better with age.

General Care

  • Dry your comb before storing. Leaving water drops on metal combs, or leaving them submerged in water, will eventually cause corrosion on stainless steel and brass.
  • Every 2 weeks, clean by hand with soap and water to remove buildup from natural oils and styling products.
  • Burton & Levy combs are not designed as multi-tools. Please use your metal comb for hair styling only!
  • Keep your comb secure in a breast pocket, pocket book, hanging around your neck, or in a special place in your bathroom. Please do not store your comb in your back pants pocket where it's likely to bend.
  • Embrace minor dings, scratches, and worn spots as signs of your comb’s uniqueness!

Brass combs

  • Brass is softer than steel. If a comb tooth gets snagged and bent, grip comb in both hands and gently nudge the tooth back into place with your finger or fingernail.
  • The surface of your comb will naturally progress from yellow to golden to rich browns. The patterns will be unique to you - you might even see patterns from your fingerprints!
  • Keep your comb clean and dry between uses to develop an even, durable surface patina.

Groomsmen Gifts

Are you looking for a unique gift that your groomsmen will love to use? A Burton & Levy comb is the perfect memento - a useful tool, a stylish accessory, a daily good-luck charm, an heirloom. Learn more about groomsmen gift sets.

 Burton and Levy handmade beard and mustache combs. The perfect gift for the best friend, boyfriend, father, groomsman, and valentine in your life

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