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All Burton & Levy beard combs are cut from stainless steel in the United States, and finished by hand in Detroit by jeweler and metal artist Jason Burton.

Jason started making beard combs because he just couldn’t find good or beautiful combs for his beard. His beard was a foot long—it had a mind of its own!—and the head-hair combs he had just weren’t taming it right.
And so, Burton & Levy was born. Burton is the name his father’s family gave him; Levy is his mother's family name. Drawing inspiration across three generations, Jason designed combs that expressed the style, outlook, and character of four of his male relatives: Berel, his great grandfather; Papa David and Irving, his two grandfathers; and Andrew Ryan, his older brother.
The combs themselves are made with a process merging traditional and contemporary craft. The combs are first designed by hand. The designs are re-drafted on a computer, and then cut using state of the art machining processes, including precision cutting by laser and water jet. With deep experience in both fabrication techniques and the craft of jewelry, Jason finishes every comb by hand, combining metal, leather, and luxury woods into a unique, beautiful, and strong product that will last for generations.
Burton & Levy is proudly based in Detroit, Michigan. Jason’s family has deep Detroit roots: Berel put his master cabinetry to work in the early days of the auto industry, and both his parents were born in the city. The Burton & Levy production studio is located in the Russell Industrial Center.
Burton & Levy is dedicated to environmentally friendly and locally sourced processes and materials. Materials are sourced as close to Detroit as possible. Jason’s innovative packaging designs are made largely from recycled materials, and all Burton and Levy packaging materials are either recyclable or biodegradable. Burton & Levy is committed to producing goods made in the USA, partnering with other small, Detroit-area business whenever possible.

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