The Irving

$ 42.00

A larger comb with a bold, modern look.

The Irving beard and mustache comb is named after my late grandfather (dad’s side). Believe me, he lived to do everything... twice. Art connoisseur and self-taught historian, he was a discerning man who was often thrifty, but he knew the value of beautiful things.

Great for cropped and long beards alike, this beard and mustache comb suits the beardsman who's proud of his distinctive style.

Under materials, choose the Irving in durable, smooth stainless steel ($32) or timeless brass ($42). The brass Irving is something really special - extra soft finish, beautiful yellow color that will darken to brown and gold tones unique to you. The brass Irving is the crème de la crème.

Original design is laser cut in the United States from stainless steel or brass. Jason hand-finishes each comb to a satin finish. The stainless comb comes with a leather strap and cherry wood tag, while the brass comb features a leather and walnut tag.

 Comb measures approximately 5 inches in length.

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