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Bear Care is here!

by Brandon Crall |

Bear Care is now part of Burton & Levy! We're excited to launch our new line of Premium Natural Men's Care products, using natural and organic ingredients. 

Here's some information to help you learn about our new product line:

Fragrance Guide

If you liked Bear Care's....

  • Woodsman, check out Outdoor Adventure. It's the same.
  • Black Pepper, check out Black Tie. It's the same.
  • Aloe or Lemon Verbena, check out Morning Burst. It's a fresh, awakening blend of french green tea with bursts of citrus.
  • Amber, check out Poker Night. Poker Night has the same wood notes, but also contains smooth tobacco and a splash of bay rum.
  • Leather, try Cocktail Hour. We've combined leather with cypress and citron to create a bold and intriguing blend that's both spicy and bright.

We also still have unscented versions of all our products. We also have additional products being released in the next few weeks.

New Products

The Burton & Levy natural men's care products are all very similar to the Bear Care originals. We only changed a few ingredients based on customer feedback. 

Beard Oil - Burton & Levy will be offering four base beard oils blends, designed for different purposes.

  • Everyday - A well-rounded beard oil blend with skin moisturizing and hair conditioning oils designed for daily use
  • Ultra Moisturizing - A blend for short beards with emphasis on skin hydration, which reduces itching and dry skin flaking
  • Ultra Conditioning - A blend for long beards with focus on hair conditioning
  • Sensitive Skin - A blend for those with sensitive and/or acne prone skin. This blend contains low to non-comedogenic oils with properties that may reduce acne and redness.

Beard Balm - Slightly higher hold, but same conditioning properties as Bear Care balm

Body Lotion - Faster absorbing blend. Shine reduces faster than Bear Care formulation.

Beard Wax - No Changes

Body Soap - No Changes

Shaving Soap - No Changes


Now you can earn rewards for in-store AND online purchases! All you need to do is create an online store account and you'll start earning automatically (be sure you're logged-in while checking out). When you visit our store in Ferndale, MI, provide us your email address at checkout and points will be awarded automatically for all in-store purchases.

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