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Which Beard Comb is Right For Me?

by Abbey Hambright |

By far, the most common questions our customers ask is, "Which comb is right for me?" Whether you're purchasing a comb for your own beard (#treatyoself) or for the face of someone you love, selecting the right tool for the job is important. With seven different combs in the Burton & Levy collection, there's definitely something for everyone, and we've got the guide to make your decision simple.


Beard comb for close-cropped beardFor a close-cropped traditionalist, we suggest the Irving and the Papa David. Both are larger combs with tried and true shapes for keeping things neat and tidy.



Beard comb for long beardsThe Superbeard is a guy who likes to stand out from the crowd. Whiskers like these need substantial tools to match. We suggest the larger Irving and Papa David combs for upkeep, and for touch-ups throughout the day, the smaller Andrew Ryan, Berel or Doyle are perfectly pocket-sized. 



Beard comb for full beardThough it may not be as substantial as the Superbeard above, a full beard of highly textured hair still calls for a tool of substance. Keep things in check with the Irving and Papa David, and on the go the Andrew Ryan, Berel or Doyle will have your back.



Beard comb for partial beardA partial beard--whether it's a goatee or muttonchops, calls for some hand-held action. For this task, we suggest the slimmer profiles of the Andrew Ryan, Berel or Doyle.



Mustache combWhether you rock the mustache bushy or styled, keeping every whisker in place becomes critical. Lucky for you the Andrew Ryan, Berel or Doyle are up to the task.



Artisan-made handmade hair combLest the hair on your head feels left out, we suggest the Aaron Gregory hair comb for keeping that coif on point. Light and strong, this comb is equally at home on the vanity or stashed away in your shirt pocket for touch-ups throughout the day.


Still not sure which comb is right for you? Drop us a line--we're happy to help!

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