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Top 7 Bearded Halloween Costumes

by Abbey Hambright |

You spent all year tending that epic facial hair, now you just need a Halloween costume that puts it to use! Whether you're rocking it close cropped or long, mustache or goatee, we've got you covered with Halloween costumes to suit every beard and every style.

Steve Zissou

Steve Zissou costume

Whether you're a true silver fox, or just feel like channeling one for the night, Zissou is a perfect costume choice. Simply don your finest beanie and set sail.

Beard: Gray, close cropped
Costume Elements: Blue uniform shirt, red beanie, optional aviator sunglasses


Mr. T

Mr T Costume

We pity the fool who would overlook Mr. T and one of the classic beards of the 80s.

Beard: close cropped
Costume Elements: Sleeveless denim, mohawk, feather earrings, lots of gold necklaces

The Dude

The Dude Costume

Got a soft spot for White Russians? Channel The Dude this Halloween and you won't even have to get out of your pajamas!

Beard: Long goatee
Costume Elements: Bathrobe, boxers, weird transparent sandals, cocktail


ZZ Top

ZZ Top

Everyone's crazy about a sharp dressed man, and Halloween is no exception. A ZZ Top costume works best with a friend, but you can pull it off alone with sufficient rock legend swagger.

Beard: The longer the better!
Costume Elements: Black leather, guitars, cowboy hat or odd, textured beanie


Al from Home Improvement

Al Borland Home Improvement costume

Every 90's kid who watched Home Improvement will remember Al Borland/Richard Karn's embrace of lumberjack style. 

Beard: Short to medium
Costume Elements: Plaid shirt, Dad jeans, tool belt, hammer


Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders Halloween Costume

Okely dokely! Ned Flanders will keep your Halloween on the straight and narrow. We just want to see how long you can keep up the voice without driving yourself crazy.

Beard: Mustache, the bigger the better
Costume Elements: Green sweater and white buttondown with optional epic 6-pack hidden underneath

Van Gogh

Van Gogh

For the artistic genius or bearded ginger, Vincent Van Gogh is a perfect choice. Just stay away from the knives, okay?

Beard: Short to medium and red
Costume Elements: Wrinkled jacket, collared shirt, brimmed hat or ear bandage. Try some impressionistic face paint for bonus points!


Got another bearded Halloween costume to add? We'd love to see it!


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