Mo Pop Festival Wrap-Up July 31 2015

The best summer festivals are kind of like worlds unto themselves. Attending one, you find that all of your needs and interests are suddenly satisfied in one single place. Last weekend's Mo Pop Festival was exactly that kind of experience-- great live music, handmade craft bazaar, a tent featuring new technologies, and food trucks from all around southeastern Michigan-- what more could a person ask for?!

Being part of the Mo Pop maker's "village"-- organized by the good folks at Handmade Detroit-- was a dream come true. We love being part of Detroit's vibrant community of crafters and craftspeople. And it's even better when we can also interface with the many amazing members of the public who support our local handmade community.

The festival weekend was classic Midwestern summer weather. Both days were hot and humid, and concertgoers (and vendors!) wandered to the waterfront to catch a breeze. Even a pop-up thunderstorm on Saturday couldn't put a damper on spirits. The festival closed a little early that night, none of us were much worse for the wear.      

Hearing people's reactions to our combs is always the highlight of any market event. Mo Pop was the debut of our newest Aaron Gregory comb (coming to our online shop soon!), and just the second outing for the brass Doyle comb. After spending so much time planning, working on and-- truth be told-- slightly obsessing over new designs, it's so rewarding to finally hear other people's reactions to our newest work. 

Customers characterized the Doyle as "vintage," "unusual," and even "nautical." One clean-shaven man even bought one in anticipation of growing his beard back out in the fall!

Customers commented on the Aaron Gregory's classic general-purpose design, which works especially well on straight or wavy hair. A customer who purchased one actually pulled out the plastic comb he had been using to show off the many teeth that were missing, and remarked, "I can count on my new comb to hold up!"

 In addition to the countless customers who came out to support Burton & Levy over the weekend, we were also excited at the chance to meet two very neighborly Zachs-- Zach Dyke from Coin and Zach Tichenor from ELEL both stopped by our table for a chat. It was amazing to hear their sets fill the air in the background, and then meet the artists as they enjoyed the festival afterwards.

Thanks to the fans old and new who stopped by at Mo Pop - special hello to new friends Melissa, Tiffany, Leslie, and Jen. We can't wait for next year!