Salute to Famous Dad Beards June 10 2016

If pop culture has taught us anything, it's that dads and facial hair go hand in hand. That's not to say that every dad has to grow a beard, of course. But if you want to convey to an audience that the guy on screen is a solid, hard-working guy, adding in a beard is a great way to get the point across. In honor of Father's Day, we present some of our favorite TV and movie dads who get the power of great facial hair.


Uncle Phil - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Fresh Prince Uncle Phil James Avery

Uncle Phil's beard close-cropped beard is as sophisticated and stately as the Bel Air judge himself. It lends seriousness to his look and the kind of authority necessary to tackle the capers encountered with three kids and a crazy Philadelphia nephew.

Steven Keaton - Family Ties

Family Ties Steven Keaton Michael Gross

The prototypical aging hippie, Steven Keaton's just-starting-to-gray facial hair is the epitome of a Dad Beard. Approachable and warm, this is a beard that clearly advertises a guy you can come to when you're love-lorn or flunked a test. Just compare the gravitas of later-season Michael Gross on the right to his clean-shaven face from Family Ties' Season 1.


Rick Grimes - Walking Dead

Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln Walking Dead

Rick Grimes beard says "I'm too busy protecting my kids from zombies to worry about scavenging a razor." The epitome of Apocolyptic-chic, the message is clear: this is a beard, and a dude, you definitely don't want to mess with.


King Triton - The Little Mermaid

King Triton Little Mermaid

Nothing says King of the Mer-People like a flowing white superbeard. King Triton's luxurious mane and facial hair melt into a single flowing underwater blizzard, one part Gandalf, one part silver fox John Slattery. This is a beard that says "royal."

Richard Roundtree - Shaft/Roc

Richard Roundtree Shaft Roc

Richard Roundtree and his trademark facial hair are best known for the classic movie Shaft. While that role is certainly iconic, we have a soft spot for his guest-starring role in the 90's sitcom Roc. As Roc's gay uncle, Roundtree's character's nuptials was the first same-sex wedding featured on American network TV. Well-mustached and ahead of his time-- that's a combo we can support.


Walter White - Breaking Bad

Walter White Breaking Bad Mustache Goatee Van Dyke

Much like the porkpie hat and oversized glasses, Walter White's "Heisenberg" facial hair is his trademark. The character's transformation from meek science teacher to international drug kingpin is represented by his facial hair's morph from mustache to full Van Dyke, creating a more serious--and arguably sinister--appearance.


Papa Smurf - The Smurfs

Papa Smurf

Honorable mention goes to Papa Smurf. We couldn't remember for sure if "papa" was just a good-natured nickname or if he did indeed have Smurf kids? Either way, this fluffy white beard has "paternal" written all over it.