Do It For Dad! June 08 2017

#dontforgetdad this year for Father's Day!


DON'T FORGET DAD THIS YEAR! Let your father know that he's special to you, that you appreciate him. Seize this opportunity to help him feel great!

To make it a little easier, Burton & Levy is offering free shipping on all orders within the US! Just enter the coupon code "dontforgetdad" at checkout.

Remember, Father's Day is June 18th - and while the code is good right until the special day, we ask you to order by the 14th for a timely arrival*.

Time to pick out his new favorite!


Enter coupon code dontforgetdad for free domestic shipping until June 18th 

*Delivery times are dependent on USPS services and are not guaranteed.


Happy Valentine's Day (Did you forget???) February 14 2017

February can be a hectic month, and if you forgot to shop for Valentine's Day, we know what that feels like.

As in, every other year or so.

While we can't help you download a box of chocolates, we can help you with a quick, easy card. Choose either the 4"x6" postcards or the foldable cards, print, and prepare to get a smile!

Three I love you (with beard) post cards from Burton and Levy

Set of three 4" x 6" postcards


Three I love you (with beard) foldable greeting cards from Burton and Levy

Set of three greeting cards (fold along dotted lines)


Happy Valentine's Day from your Burton & Levy sweethearts!

Happy Holidays from Burton & Levy December 05 2016

Thanks for a wonderful 2016! To ensure the best service and timely delivery for the holidays, any orders made after midnight EST December 14 will be held for processing and shipment until January 4, 2017.

We wish you a joyous holiday and a prosperous new year!

Every Comb Supports Men's Health this November October 31 2016

F*@% cancer.

There. We said it.

Join Burton & Levy as we raise money for No-Shave November, supporting research, awareness, and treatment for cancer to keep our families healthy. Throughout this month, we're donating $1.50 from every comb you buy from our online store.

Plus, your comb will arrive in special edition packaging for your support of men's health.

Beard Comb Supporting No-Shave November

The goal of No-Shave November is "to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free." No-Shave November funds American Cancer Society, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. You can pledge not to shave for the month and set up your own fundraising page to support this great cause as well.

(Hint: you will definitely need a great comb to get that beard into shape by the end of the month!)

Beard Comb Sales Support No-Shave November

Beard Comb Sales Support No-Shave November

So men, put those whiskers to work! Grow them, groom them, and let everyone know we're going to beat cancer.

Purchase a comb and support this great cause today!


Moustache Goals: Jackie Lynn Ellison Interview August 24 2016

In the world of facial hair, few moustaches can compete with Jackie Lynn Ellison. Perhaps you've seen him on social media, or at one of the many (many!) competitions in which his moustache has proved award-winning. Jackie was tapped for the pre-judging panel for the September National Beard and Moustache Championships in Nashville (where Burton & Levy will also be vending!).

In addition to being a champion moustache-grower and -styler, Jackie is now an esteemed Brand Ambassador for Burton & Levy products. And is he ever a gracious interview subject, full of wit and wisdom. We sat down with him to learn about his competitive edge and rocking a unique and authentic style, while gathering inspiration from Daniel Day Lewis and The Lorax along the way.

Jackie Lynn Ellison Mustache

First off, please introduce yourself for those who might not be familiar with you and your moustache.

My name is Jackie Lynn Ellison. I am the current Imperial Moustache World Champion and Handlebar Moustache British National Champion. Since 2012 I have won 1st place in over 20 competitions for styled and natural Moustache.

What made you grow your moustache to begin with? Have you experimented with other types of facial hair?

I have been wearing different styles of facial hair since I can remember. When I began this moustache (about 5 years ago) I was wearing a short Fu Manchu for about 8 months and I decided to cut everything but the stand alone moustache. At the time I was foremost inspired by the short, bold, natural moustache style Daniel Day Lewis wore in "There Will Be Blood."

How do people react to your moustache?

People are curious, excited, humored, shocked...but always friendly. Often times people will see my moustache and crack a big smile. The small, friendly interactions are the ones I appreciate most.

Jackie Lynn Ellison

What do you think about the resurgence of interest in facial hair over the past few years?

I think it's fantastic that people are choosing to accept themselves and not scrape all the hair off of their faces. It can be a very personal and enlightening experience for people to see what happens when they allow there face to take its natural state.

Who are your facial hair heroes, real or fictional?

I have a few, in no particular order: Daniel Day Lewis, Sam Elliot, Tom Selleck, Sean Connery, Nick Offerman, Eugene Hutz, Rollie Fingers, Hulk Hogan, Duane Allman, George Benson, Freddie Mercury, Django Reinhardt, John Oates, Salvador Dali, Friedrich Nietzsche, Lemmy Kilmister, Charlie Chaplin, GG Allin, Cheech Marin, Harnaam Kaur, Gunter Rosin, Ambrus Kristóf, Ben Whitney, Wolfgang Schneider, Paul Hendricks, Bryan Nelson, MJ Johnson, Paul Roof, Jeffrey Moustache, Taylor Welden, Sean Raiger, Timothy Carl Hall, Jason Kiley, Kengo Hioki, Norbert Topf, Kama Cewa, Captain Caveman and The Lorax.

Do you have any good-luck rituals before getting on stage to compete?

Shot of whiskey and a beer.

Jackie Lynn Ellison British Beard & Moustache ChampionshipJackie's mustache took 1st place in the Handlebar Moustache category at the 2014 British Beard & Moustache Championship

What's your moustache care routine?

I like to wear it natural most of the time, which I give a little blow dryer for volume and shape. Through out the day I'll comb it out with a small comb once or twice and give it a light twist from the inside out. I use Dream Beard oil about once a week.

When styling I use Dream Beard In-Control Spray and a Burton & Levy "The Doyle" comb.

Jackie Lynn Ellison mustache

What do you look for in grooming products and tools?

Foremost is utility. Does it work for my moustache? Some combs are better for grooming natural, some better for styled...and is it a cool comb aesthetically? I carry a comb every day, do I want to carry this one? Is it too bulky in my pocket? I think the obvious pick here is Burton & Levy!

Do you have any special methods (or superstitions) around growing long, healthy whiskers?

Staying mentally and physically as healthy as possible will contribute to healthy growth. It's science. Outside of that, Buffalo chicken wings—also science.

You are born with what you've got, if you want to know what the extent of that is, don't trim, don't shave.

Jackie Lynn EllisonWhat a difference some facial hair can make! Vintage photos of pre--moustache Jackie

Any advice you'd give to a rookie moustache-grower?

Don't worry about keeping up with anyone else, or being validated by size, color, or style. Your facial hair is your own and no matter what you or anyone else thinks about it, it is unique and it is rad.


Visit Burton & Levy at the National Beard and Moustache Championships in Nashville on September 3, where we'll be joined by Jackie at Saturday registration for some great photo ops. And check out more content from Jackie on Instagram.

Salute to Famous Dad Beards June 10 2016

If pop culture has taught us anything, it's that dads and facial hair go hand in hand. That's not to say that every dad has to grow a beard, of course. But if you want to convey to an audience that the guy on screen is a solid, hard-working guy, adding in a beard is a great way to get the point across. In honor of Father's Day, we present some of our favorite TV and movie dads who get the power of great facial hair.


Uncle Phil - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Fresh Prince Uncle Phil James Avery

Uncle Phil's beard close-cropped beard is as sophisticated and stately as the Bel Air judge himself. It lends seriousness to his look and the kind of authority necessary to tackle the capers encountered with three kids and a crazy Philadelphia nephew.

Steven Keaton - Family Ties

Family Ties Steven Keaton Michael Gross

The prototypical aging hippie, Steven Keaton's just-starting-to-gray facial hair is the epitome of a Dad Beard. Approachable and warm, this is a beard that clearly advertises a guy you can come to when you're love-lorn or flunked a test. Just compare the gravitas of later-season Michael Gross on the right to his clean-shaven face from Family Ties' Season 1.


Rick Grimes - Walking Dead

Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln Walking Dead

Rick Grimes beard says "I'm too busy protecting my kids from zombies to worry about scavenging a razor." The epitome of Apocolyptic-chic, the message is clear: this is a beard, and a dude, you definitely don't want to mess with.


King Triton - The Little Mermaid

King Triton Little Mermaid

Nothing says King of the Mer-People like a flowing white superbeard. King Triton's luxurious mane and facial hair melt into a single flowing underwater blizzard, one part Gandalf, one part silver fox John Slattery. This is a beard that says "royal."

Richard Roundtree - Shaft/Roc

Richard Roundtree Shaft Roc

Richard Roundtree and his trademark facial hair are best known for the classic movie Shaft. While that role is certainly iconic, we have a soft spot for his guest-starring role in the 90's sitcom Roc. As Roc's gay uncle, Roundtree's character's nuptials was the first same-sex wedding featured on American network TV. Well-mustached and ahead of his time-- that's a combo we can support.


Walter White - Breaking Bad

Walter White Breaking Bad Mustache Goatee Van Dyke

Much like the porkpie hat and oversized glasses, Walter White's "Heisenberg" facial hair is his trademark. The character's transformation from meek science teacher to international drug kingpin is represented by his facial hair's morph from mustache to full Van Dyke, creating a more serious--and arguably sinister--appearance.


Papa Smurf - The Smurfs

Papa Smurf

Honorable mention goes to Papa Smurf. We couldn't remember for sure if "papa" was just a good-natured nickname or if he did indeed have Smurf kids? Either way, this fluffy white beard has "paternal" written all over it.



Beard + Comb Pairings Illustrated May 25 2016

Order your Comb + Book Gift Set by June 1st

In flipping through the portraits within our friend Jessica Kaminski's MKE Beard Book, the diversity and creativity of the bearded men she photographed was such a treat to observe. From tight and trimmed to long and free, each beard had so much to say about the person behind it. These portraits also presented the perfect opportunity to suggest some beard/comb pairings based on her photos. No matter what type you're looking to tame, you're sure to find a similar beard--and the perfect comb--below.

Full Beard/Highly-Textured Hair + Brass Irving Comb 

The Irving is a full size comb that's a great fit for all of the classic beard and mustache styles. You can select from both brass and stainless steel material; for those with highly-textured hair like our friend pictured above, we suggest the brass option. Brass has an especially soft finish that moves smoothly through long and textured hair. Not to mention the unique style and timeless appeal that's sure to become an heirloom.  

Know a guy who'd benefit from a brass Irving for Father's Day? This comb is featured in the gift pack we've collaborated on with MKE Beard Book. Get yours here.


Close-Cropped Beard + The Papa David Comb

Our most popular comb, the Papa David is a great tool for keeping tight-cropped beards looking neat in the morning. Useful on new and longer beards, too, it's a great comb to keep on hand if you like to switch up your facial hair, since it'll work on whatever you grow. Papa David's classic style and smooth combing experience wins fans wherever it goes! 


Mustache/Partial Beard + The Andrew Ryan Comb

For those who keep their facial hair slightly more minimal, may we suggest the Andrew Ryan? This little powerhouse is perfect for partial beards and both styled and natural mustache styles. The portable size is perfect for touch-ups throughout the day, and the funky design is modern and old timey all at once. 


Hair Styling + The Aaron Gregory Hair Comb

Lest the hair on your head feel left out, the Aaron Gregory's got it covered. The full-length style is great for short and medium-length haircuts. With gorgeous, clean lines and stainless steel material, this comb is built for durability. It's perfect for travel, and great for beard styling, too.

Superbeard + The Doyle Comb

Superbeards need a multi-purpose tool to keep everything in place. For that, we recommend the Doyle comb. The shorter length makes mustache styling a breeze, but it's still heavy-duty enough to tackle the most impressive of beards. Drop the Doyle in your pocket for mid-day touch ups and keep everything on point.


Still curious about the best comb for you? Check out this longer post with a few more beard types included. And be sure to grab that Father's Day gift pack that features these beautiful bearded portraits and the brass Irving comb, available through June 1, 2016!




Father's Day Gift Pack May 11 2016

Order your Comb + Book Gift Set by June 1st

Father's Day is right around the corner, and we've got just the thing for the stylish, whiskered father who has everything! Burton & Levy has teamed up with photographer Jessica Kaminski to create the perfect Father's Day gift pack featuring our best-selling brass Irving beard comb and a copy of Jessica's book of portraits, the MKE Beard Book.

Burton & Levy Father's Day gift pack

Our Irving beard comb debuted last holiday season and quickly became a customer favorite. The brass finish is something really special-- with an extra soft finish, the original yellow will darken over time into brown and gold tones totally unique to each user. Irving combs are one of our most versatile designs, perfect to tackling beards of any length or texture.

The MKE Beard Book was created and shot by photographer Jessica Kaminski. Photographed in and around Milwaukee (MKE), the book captures some of the many dynamic bearded men across the city. Jessica believes that Midwestern men are the inspiration for the beard's resurgence in recent years, and captures a cross section of cultures and subcultures, from blue collar workers, to Harley Davidson die-hards, and stylish businessmen.


Father's Day Gift Pack

Each Father's Day gift pack will include the brass Irving comb, the hardcover MKE Beard Book, and a Father's Day card in time for June 19 (order by June1). Together, the pack is a $96 value for only $75, and includes free shipping. Even better, $5 from each sale is donated to No Shave November.

Get that stylish dad something he'll appreciate for years to come! Father's Day gift packs are available now through June 1, so order yours today!

Burton & Levy Goes International April 08 2016

It's been said that design is an international language, and no matter where they're found, Burton & Levy combs have plenty to say about quality and craft. With our quickly-growing roster of retailers, we're thrilled to have added three unique international retailers to the Burton & Levy family over the past few months.  

Mensch & Co.

Don't let the name fool you—Mensch & Co. is a stylish men's grooming shop located in Mexico City's historic district. Their slogan says it all: Devolviendo la elegancia a los rituales del hombre moderno. Bringing elegance back to the rituals of today's man.

Mensch & Co. features a style that's sharp and dependable, two hallmarks of any classic. What a treat to have this exquisite location in historic Mexcio City - the oldest capital city in the Americas! - as Burton & Levy's very first international retailer.

 Le Kiosk

Sweden's Le Kiosk is an online concept store featuring unique, curated home decor and accessories. They focus on products that are handmade and fair trade, pushing back against mass consumption toward more sustainable style and design. Their selections shine with beautiful materials, textures, and style, but it's the sensitive attention to detail that makes you want to bring each of the products home. 

Back Alley Barber Shop

While beards are sometimes painted as a new trend these days, we've always been drawn to the rich history of men's grooming and barbering traditions. Niagara Falls, Canada's Back Alley Barber Shop was founded by Rob Barranca, inspired by his father Tony's background as a hairstylist and salon owner, and Rob's travels to his family home in Calabria, Italy. We love how Rob blends the techniques of old barber masters with modern stylingsomething we try to embrace with our products as well.

Which Beard Comb is Right For Me? February 10 2016

By far, the most common questions our customers ask is, "Which comb is right for me?" Whether you're purchasing a comb for your own beard (#treatyoself) or for the face of someone you love, selecting the right tool for the job is important. With seven different combs in the Burton & Levy collection, there's definitely something for everyone, and we've got the guide to make your decision simple.


Beard comb for close-cropped beardFor a close-cropped traditionalist, we suggest the Irving and the Papa David. Both are larger combs with tried and true shapes for keeping things neat and tidy.



Beard comb for long beardsThe Superbeard is a guy who likes to stand out from the crowd. Whiskers like these need substantial tools to match. We suggest the larger Irving and Papa David combs for upkeep, and for touch-ups throughout the day, the smaller Andrew Ryan, Berel or Doyle are perfectly pocket-sized. 



Beard comb for full beardThough it may not be as substantial as the Superbeard above, a full beard of highly textured hair still calls for a tool of substance. Keep things in check with the Irving and Papa David, and on the go the Andrew Ryan, Berel or Doyle will have your back.



Beard comb for partial beardA partial beard--whether it's a goatee or muttonchops, calls for some hand-held action. For this task, we suggest the slimmer profiles of the Andrew Ryan, Berel or Doyle.



Mustache combWhether you rock the mustache bushy or styled, keeping every whisker in place becomes critical. Lucky for you the Andrew Ryan, Berel or Doyle are up to the task.



Artisan-made handmade hair combLest the hair on your head feels left out, we suggest the Aaron Gregory hair comb for keeping that coif on point. Light and strong, this comb is equally at home on the vanity or stashed away in your shirt pocket for touch-ups throughout the day.


Still not sure which comb is right for you? Drop us a line--we're happy to help!

Celebrating Love February 09 2016

Tis the season for celebrating love! Whoever you hold dear, we invite you to take this month as an opportunity to tell them just how great you think they are.

Burton & Levy Celebrates Love

"I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone." -Javan


Love is in the air! Can you feel it?

Burton & Levy Celebrates Love

"Remember, we're madly in love, so it's all right to kiss me anytime you feel like it." -Suzanne Collins


Burton & Levy Celebrates Love

Burton & Levy Celebrates Love

"I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once." -John Green


Burton & Levy Celebrates Love

"Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer." -Jean de la Fontaine

Burton & Levy Celebrates Love

"I love you and I like you." -Leslie Knope


Burton & Levy Celebrates Love

Burton & Levy Celebrates Love"Happiness is anyone and anything at all, that's loved by you." -Charles Schultz


Burton & Levy Celebrates Love

Mustache Dache Detroit Selfie Competition November 07 2015

What an amazing run today! The Mustache Dache 5k fundraising run happened in Detroit today - with hundreds of runners there, the event sold out!

Mustache Dache Detroit Image rights: @fazzgyrl

The fun isn't over, though. If you took a selfie at the run today, stache-tag* it with #MustacheDacheDetroit and #MustacheCompDetroit to join the Selfie Competition. This is a great way to boost the Men's Health message, and you can win some great prizes too!

#MustacheDacheDetroit #MustacheCompDetroit to enter


What's in the prize package?

Our mustache competition prizes are amazing this year, donated by Detroit businesses you already love. The Selfie Competition prize package includes

Who chooses the winner?

Introducing judges Al UnderwoodRandal JacobsJackie Lynn Ellison, Dennis Morgan, Will Nobes, and Dan Parker.

Mustache Dache Detroit 2015 Selfie Competition Judges Panel

LOOK AT THESE GUYS! You can tell they know facial hair. They're our judges for the Selfie Competition, bringing their mustache mastery (and good humor) to the task of picking the stand-out Selfie that takes the prize. They'll cast their votes via social media to determine the winner.

Special congratulations to Jackie Lynn for earning earning World Champion in his style this year, and Al Underwood (aka Wonderstache) just won 1st place in nationals today!

How will I know if I won?

Follow this blog, @burtonandlevy on Instagram or Twitter, or visit our Facebook page to see when we announce the winner this week!


*good pun, right? #dadjokes

Join us for the Mustache Dache Detroit this Saturday! November 01 2015

As if we needed an excuse to sport an epic mustache, you've definitely got one now! Burton and Levy has teamed up with RUNdetroit for this year's Mustache Dache Detroit, "the biggest, baddest, hairiest running series on the planet," happening this Saturday, November 7. 

Runners of all ages and abilities (with or without facial hair of their own) are invited to participate to raise money for men's health. Proceeds from the Mustache Dache will benefit ZERO, a great organization working to end prostate cancer.

The run will take place at Atwater Brewery, with the Kid Dache beginning at 9:50 am and 5k walk/run starting at 10am. Registration is open from now up until the race begins, and all runners will receive a super cool participant medal and t-shirt.

Mustache Dache Detroit

We're especially excited that Burton & Levy will be hosting this year's Mustache and Costume competition to take place following the run at 11am. Whether you grow your own, or sports a faux-stache just for the race, there are plenty of ways to get involved (and win!) with your most outrageous and impressive of facial hair.

  • Best Mustache: Wow us with your home-grown whiskers
  • Best Faux-Stache: Realistic, or out-of-this-world? Just make it amazing!
  • Judge's Choice: For the runner with x-factor. Show us your passion for the cause.

You can also join in the fun with our Mustache Dache selfie competition.

  1. Take a selfie with the Mustache Dache backdrop the day of the race.
  2. Post to instagram with #mustachedachedetroit AND #mustachecompdetroit
  3. Watch the Burton & Levy Facebook page to see the rulings made by our virtual panel of judges from around the country! Winner announced in the coming week.
  4. Win a beautiful package of prizes

As a special feature, the Instagram contest will be judged online by a virtual panel of illustrious facial hair experts from around the country: Dennis MorganJackie Lynn EllisonWill NobesDan ParkerRandal Jacobs, and Al Underwood.

In all categories, winners will be selected on style, originality, and capturing the spirit of the event.

Finally, whether you're "stached" or not, you can enter to win the Mustache Dache Detroit Raffle anytime Saturday morning, with all proceeds going directly to ZERO. 

Winners of the on-site and Instagram contests and the raffle will recieve prize packs generously donated by a whos who of awesome local brands including RUNdetroit, The Detroit Beard Collective, Sfumato Fragrances, The Detroit Grooming Co., Savvy Gents, and of course, Burton & Levy.

Mustache Dache sponsors

We couldn't think of a better way to support men's health, and show off your amazing 'stache, than by joining us on Saturday for the 2015 Mustache Dache Detroit. See you there!

Top 7 Bearded Halloween Costumes October 20 2015

You spent all year tending that epic facial hair, now you just need a Halloween costume that puts it to use! Whether you're rocking it close cropped or long, mustache or goatee, we've got you covered with Halloween costumes to suit every beard and every style.

Steve Zissou

Steve Zissou costume

Whether you're a true silver fox, or just feel like channeling one for the night, Zissou is a perfect costume choice. Simply don your finest beanie and set sail.

Beard: Gray, close cropped
Costume Elements: Blue uniform shirt, red beanie, optional aviator sunglasses


Mr. T

Mr T Costume

We pity the fool who would overlook Mr. T and one of the classic beards of the 80s.

Beard: close cropped
Costume Elements: Sleeveless denim, mohawk, feather earrings, lots of gold necklaces

The Dude

The Dude Costume

Got a soft spot for White Russians? Channel The Dude this Halloween and you won't even have to get out of your pajamas!

Beard: Long goatee
Costume Elements: Bathrobe, boxers, weird transparent sandals, cocktail


ZZ Top

ZZ Top

Everyone's crazy about a sharp dressed man, and Halloween is no exception. A ZZ Top costume works best with a friend, but you can pull it off alone with sufficient rock legend swagger.

Beard: The longer the better!
Costume Elements: Black leather, guitars, cowboy hat or odd, textured beanie


Al from Home Improvement

Al Borland Home Improvement costume

Every 90's kid who watched Home Improvement will remember Al Borland/Richard Karn's embrace of lumberjack style. 

Beard: Short to medium
Costume Elements: Plaid shirt, Dad jeans, tool belt, hammer


Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders Halloween Costume

Okely dokely! Ned Flanders will keep your Halloween on the straight and narrow. We just want to see how long you can keep up the voice without driving yourself crazy.

Beard: Mustache, the bigger the better
Costume Elements: Green sweater and white buttondown with optional epic 6-pack hidden underneath

Van Gogh

Van Gogh

For the artistic genius or bearded ginger, Vincent Van Gogh is a perfect choice. Just stay away from the knives, okay?

Beard: Short to medium and red
Costume Elements: Wrinkled jacket, collared shirt, brimmed hat or ear bandage. Try some impressionistic face paint for bonus points!


Got another bearded Halloween costume to add? We'd love to see it!


Raise your glass September 22 2015

A toast to summer! Thanks for helping us fill this past season with music, warm conversations, exciting markets, new designs. Especially proud to celebrate the Doyle and Aaron Gregory designs that debuted this year. And some applause for our new friends: craftspeople, designers, and retailers. Thanks for expanding and enriching the Burton & Levy community!
Below are our summer snapshots, where did we see you?
Sharing new projects at Savvy Gents in Detroit's Eastern Market


The Doyle, our unique brass beard comb, and The Aaron Gregory stainless steel styling comb. New this spring, they quickly became our most popular!

Beards of the Old Northwest rocked Cleveland!

Group photo of the Craft Village at MOPOP music festival

Jason, muggin' with a grin.

LOVED this lineup.


Round out the summer with us at Ferndale DIY Street Fair September 25, 26, and 27! You'll find us at booth #22 on 9 Mile Rd in downtown Ferndale, MI

Mo Pop Festival Wrap-Up July 31 2015

The best summer festivals are kind of like worlds unto themselves. Attending one, you find that all of your needs and interests are suddenly satisfied in one single place. Last weekend's Mo Pop Festival was exactly that kind of experience-- great live music, handmade craft bazaar, a tent featuring new technologies, and food trucks from all around southeastern Michigan-- what more could a person ask for?!

Being part of the Mo Pop maker's "village"-- organized by the good folks at Handmade Detroit-- was a dream come true. We love being part of Detroit's vibrant community of crafters and craftspeople. And it's even better when we can also interface with the many amazing members of the public who support our local handmade community.

The festival weekend was classic Midwestern summer weather. Both days were hot and humid, and concertgoers (and vendors!) wandered to the waterfront to catch a breeze. Even a pop-up thunderstorm on Saturday couldn't put a damper on spirits. The festival closed a little early that night, none of us were much worse for the wear.      

Hearing people's reactions to our combs is always the highlight of any market event. Mo Pop was the debut of our newest Aaron Gregory comb (coming to our online shop soon!), and just the second outing for the brass Doyle comb. After spending so much time planning, working on and-- truth be told-- slightly obsessing over new designs, it's so rewarding to finally hear other people's reactions to our newest work. 

Customers characterized the Doyle as "vintage," "unusual," and even "nautical." One clean-shaven man even bought one in anticipation of growing his beard back out in the fall!

Customers commented on the Aaron Gregory's classic general-purpose design, which works especially well on straight or wavy hair. A customer who purchased one actually pulled out the plastic comb he had been using to show off the many teeth that were missing, and remarked, "I can count on my new comb to hold up!"

 In addition to the countless customers who came out to support Burton & Levy over the weekend, we were also excited at the chance to meet two very neighborly Zachs-- Zach Dyke from Coin and Zach Tichenor from ELEL both stopped by our table for a chat. It was amazing to hear their sets fill the air in the background, and then meet the artists as they enjoyed the festival afterwards.

Thanks to the fans old and new who stopped by at Mo Pop - special hello to new friends Melissa, Tiffany, Leslie, and Jen. We can't wait for next year!





Trunk Show at Savvy Gents: The Perfect Summer Weekend June 25 2015

What better way to celebrate summer than with cool drinks, great company and a few of our favorite things. That's exactly what we got with Burton & Levy's recent trunk show at Savvy Gents in Detroit's Eastern Market. We're always thrilled at the opportunity to share our work, and seeing in person how our pieces are received by friends old and new is icing on the cake.  


We were excited to partner with Savvy Gents' Randal Jacobs for the summer trunk show. The shop's aesthetic is exactly what we strive for with Burton & Levy-- accessible but high quality goods emphasizing fine materials, and traditional designs with a deconstructed twist.

Our own Jason Burton said, "Savvy Gents and Burton & Levy both combine classic, comfortable materials with very of-the-moment forms. Our products fit right in."

Jason of Burton & Levy and Savvy Gent's Randal Jacobs get ready for the event

Friday evening's Meet, Greet & Shop event featured Jason and the Burton & Levy line, along with drinks and music on Savvy Gent's gorgeous street-front patio, and a line-up of pampering services for visitors. Barber Josh Lalonde stayed busy with a steady stream of clients all night, styling facial hair from full beards, to stubble, to stylized mustaches. Local massage therapist Lavonn doled out his relaxing touch, and Savvy Gents' Randal and our own Jason Burton were on hand to demonstrate a variety of combs to help customers find the perfect fit for their facial hair.

"The event went effortlessly into the evening-- lots of stories, and lots of laughter," Jason said.


We love doing in-person events. One of the most fun aspects for the Burton & Levy team is having the opportunity to meet and learn about our creative and fascinating clientele. Jason made contacts with not only wonderful and enthusiastic customers, but also fellow designers and creatives who attended the weekend's events.

"I got to to do a little 'show and tell' with young designers, artists and photographers. It was fun to exchange interests and insights," he said.

Saturday is always a busy day at Savvy Gents, and Jason was excited to set up shop among the buzz of the regular weekend traffic. We were on hand throughout the day, demonstrating and matching Burton & Levy combs with excited visitors.

The Savvy Gents trunk show also gave us the opportunity to show off our newest comb design, the brass Doyle, along with two brand new products-- greeting cards and t-shirts featuring Jason's whimsical drawings. Our t-shirt designs are now available online, and greeting cards are currently for sale in-person from retailers like Savvy Gents and Apothecary Off Main.

Though exhausted by the end of two busy and exhilarating events, Jason said that he couldn't be happier with how the trunk show went. "It was a great chance to actually share my products and stories-- with customers, and also with potential retailers. I’d love to do it again with other shops."


Special thanks to all the people who helped make our Trunk Show so much fun, and such a success: Savvy Gents' Randal, Karen Brown of Savvy Chic, stylist Josh Lalonde, massage therapist Lavonn, photographer Laur Nash, planner and promoter Darius Jackson and all the wonderful customers and friends who came out shop and socialize. We can't wait till the next event!




Meet, Greet and Shop with Burton & Levy and Savvy Gents May 12 2015

Join Burton & Levy for a weekend of grooming and socializing at Savvy Gents in Detroit! Our two-day trunk show will feature opportunities for shopping, grooming, socializing, and more, hosted in Savvy Gent’s stylish and relaxed atmosphere. In addition to the beautiful, handmade combs you’ve come to expect from Burton & Levy, we’ll also debut new product designs we know you won't want to miss.

Friday night from 6 to 9, join Burton & Levy founder, Jason Burton, and discover our growing line of grooming tools and apparel up close and in person. Special guest stylist Joshua Lalonde will be on hand to provide free beard trims and touch-ups, along with instructions on how to get the most out of your beard comb. Drinks will be provided, along with great music. And if Friday night doesn’t work for you, join Jason on Saturday from 10-6 for more refreshments, along with socializing on Savvy Gents’ wonderful outdoor patio (weather permitting).

Jason said he was excited about the Savvy Gents partnership because “the warmth and refinement of their look just draws you in. That’s the kind of man so many of us want to be: sharp, full of presence, a little surprising and magical. There’s something kindred in our tastes.”

This weekend’s event will also be your opportunity at an exclusive sneak peek at Burton & Levy’s newest products. Jason said of the new additions, “Our goods aren’t just for beards - they’re for beard-admirers too, or people who just like to smile. Not just metal anymore, but textiles, paper…”

Don't miss this opportunity to check out Burton & Levy's combs and our exciting new products for yourself. We’ll look forward to seeing you “meet, greet & shop” next weekend!

Our Debut in Portland! July 02 2014

We are so delighted to present Burton & Levy combs to the world at the World Mustache and Beard Championships in Portland, Oregon today!

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